High Pressure Cleaning

Expert & professional high pressure cleaning for almost all hard surfaces. Fantastic, as new results! With years of experience in building and home maintenance we can assist you to make your property look like new.

Whether it is before you sell, move in or for regular up keep of your property, we can help. For residential, anything from: complete roof and house wash downs, paving, pools, driveways, timber fencing, decking, garden furniture and more. For commercial and industrial: factories, warehouses, car parks, machinery, shop fronts High pressure cleaning is the most effective and environmentally friendly method to remove dirt, moss, mould, mildew, cobwebs, lichen & pollen. Basically anything that ends up on a surface and causes it to look dirty and/or old. Getting high pressure cleaning and then sealing (where needed), increases the life and look of your various surfaces and property.

Our equipment is top of the range, professional & complete high pressure cleaning equipment. To get a little technical, we have a 4000 psi (pounds/square inch) with 21 litres a minute pressure cleaner. This is the highest psi available for cleaning. The pressure can be adjusted right down to 1500 psi, so no need to worry about surface corrosion. He has different attachments for any type of surface such as painted surfaces, concrete, timber etc.

This is because every surface needs a different approach to get it spotless without damaging it. What this means for you is the peace of mind that you will get one of the most professional, fast & spotless high pressure cleaning services around.