Roof Cleaning & Sealing

roof-cleanCleaning the roof is simply that, high pressure cleaning the roof (color bond, tile, laser light etc) to get off all moss, lichen, mold, dirt & dust. It looks like new when complete.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having a beautiful clean roof, having your roof cleaned also helps to prolong the life of roof tiles & surfaces. This is because moss, lichen and mold all have roots that work their way into the roof surface and can cause it to become weak. With the high pressure the roots are also blasted away. We can also add a small amount of chemicals to the water to help prevent regrowth.

Once your roof is clean when can then paint or seal it with weather protect product. Our standard when we paint a roof is to give it 3 coats of paint.

We use proper safety equipment in the form of a harness & rubber sole roof boots and erect scaffolding when required.